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About Sigil Society

Sigil Society—or “Sig” (soft g), as I call him here—is so monikered because of his YouTube channel. At present, it’s all electronic music that he created and performed during the Covid-19 lockdown.

His talents extend far beyond that, however. When our paths first crossed, Sig was a professional touring musician, playing mostly stringed and a few woodwind instruments. In doing so, he was following an old family tradition that focused on Celtic music, as his forbears fled there to escape oppression. He has also worked as a cook, a corporate guy, and a luthier. To me, first and foremost he’s been a singular thinker.

Our earliest conversations were mostly focused on philosophical topics, as best I can recall. Sig infused them with vitality and relevance that I hadn’t experienced since grad school; even better, his interests were broader than those classes could be. Every time we chat, it’s a fun adventure with unexpected diversions. It’s like I have a personalized—more approachable but equally erudite—version of Neil Peart to explore ideas with. Word Play exists in part because of Sig’s enthusiasm for the idea, and I am delighted that he accepted my invitation to participate here.