Just like I am, this space will be perpetually in progress.

I’ve done and been many things so far: university professor; experimental psychologist; massage therapist; proofreader; copy editor; developmental editor; writer; reviewer; ghostwriter; martial arts practitioner; knitter; flutist; cook, baker, and candymaker; traveller; teacher; small business owner; parent; and multiple times over, a blogger.

I’m perpetually curious, which has been both virtue and vice. After many years of disparaging myself for being an “overthinker”, I finally realized that I enjoy thinking—and especially thinking out loud with others who are similarly inclined. I’ll be recording some of my observations, ideas, and thoughts here partly to give me a record to return to, and also to engage with others who are of similar mind.

My tagline “I want to look at life in the available light” is not mine; it’s from the Rush song “Available Light”, from the 1989 album Presto. I am an unashamed huge fan, and may be quoting their lyrics often.

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